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Beyond the Job Board, CertifiedPerson offers an innovative resume validation service developed exclusively for job seekers & employers to optimize the recruiting lifecycle process.

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CertifiedPerson has partnered with BackTrack, a globally recognized Background Screening company to provide 3rd party vetting services. BackTrack will validate job seekers’ last two employers including dates & titles, and their highest level of education to authenticate their TRUE resume.

A CertifiedPerson resume will remove questions that most recruiters and hiring managers have…is this resume accurate? Employers can source from a pool of validated, certified professionals, saving valuable recruiting cycles on candidates that are not right for your position.

Job seekers gain a competitive advantage in a tighter job market and can confidently submit a resume containing the CertifiedPerson Seal to potential employers. Upload multiple resumes, files, presentations, and work examples to illustrate your capabilities. Decide permission levels, and who can access your work through your Career Profile.

The CertifiedPerson Seal sets you apart from the competition. Let employers know you are serious about your career — and that your credentials are confirmed.

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