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For job seekers in today's increasingly competitive job market, standing out from the competition is the most important step in getting noticed by employers. Through CertifiedPerson's FREE service offerings, job seekers have that opportunity allowing employers to engage them with confidence!

Candidates on CertifiedPerson have the option to certify their education and most recent employment to differentiate themselves. By taking this extra step, certified members demonstrate their commitment to their prospective new employer - and their future!

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Employers know that many resumes contain inaccuracies that may result in a slow down of the interview process for hiring managers, increased HR costs, and can hurt organization's reputation if not caught in time. CertifiedPerson helps mitigate these scenarios allowing recruiters to source from a pool of pre-vetted professionals.

Smart employers rely on CertifiedPerson to find top quality talent.

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Validation includes education and employment history.

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